Cyber Security Consulting

We help you identify, plan and prioritise your focus areas in IT security

Our cyber security consulting services help you reach a higher level of security and mitigate specific threats – whether you are a security-mature organisation or have just begun focusing on IT security, we are able to help. We are experts in various industry standards, such as NIST, CIS Critical Security Controls, ISO27001/2 and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Our unbiased consulting helps you get an overview of your cyber security situation and prioritise your spending and time investments. We can also assess the security of different components, e.g. standard laptop images, smartphones, application source code and the security awareness of your employees. We have a great deal of experience with assessments of new systems and solutions that our clients need to implement in their organisation.

Cyber Security Review
Cyber Security Review
Do you know how to prioritise your cyber security focus areas?

We help you create a prioritised cyber security action plan, based on NIST, CIS Critical Security Controls, ISO27001/2 standards, and our assessments of the threat landscape.

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Social Engineering
Social engineering
Can hackers lure confidential information out of your employees?

We perform a social engineering test of your company's internal security and test your employees' security awareness.

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Secure Source Code Review
Secure Source Code Review
Are you on top of the security in your source code?

If you have developed or implemented an application, we can review the source code for vulnerabilities.

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Rent a CISO
Rent a CISO / IT Security Expert
Do you need someone to oversee your cyber security situation and assess risks?

We provide you with an experienced IT security consultant that acts as an extension to your organisation and manages your risks.

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Need sparring on your challenges in IT Security? Feel free to contact us for an informal chat with one of our experts.

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